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Bringing Out the Beauty in Your Business

Named after my tripod Barlow, Barlow Tech is the roots of Christina M. Gleason, a web developer specializing in LAMP stack environments. I have worked on a variety of different types of websites from legal services to tattoo parlors, which gives me a wide range of knowledge and expertise in what works for your business. Working with other professionals in different fields such as design and copy-writing, this can be a one-stop-shop for your website needs. I like to build long-term relationships with clients and pride myself on being reliable, so you can count on me to be there for urgent or emergency situations.

Sometimes you get a developer that speaks in tech-speak that goes right over your head. I don't do that. If I need to get technical, I can, but for the most part, I simplify what I am talking about so that you can understand exactly what I am trying to accomplish.

What Are Your Credentials?

OK, fine, it sounds like I have everything together, but how do you know for sure I know what I am talking about? You can check out my resume; just click on the button below to get to it. I also have some portfolio items you can look at to see different websites I have worked on before.

I also have a degree in Computer Science and over ten years working in a LAMP stack environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Sometimes I post finds on my blog with coding solutions I have done that I was not able to find otherwise. Even though we all pray to StackOverflow, it does not always have the answer!

Fantastic Code from Front to Back

As a full-stack developer, you get someone who knows how to deal with front-end code as well as back-end code. What does that mean? I can take care of the look and feel of the front of your website while writing a highly optimized and clean code in the back of your website that any other developer would be able to read. I do my best to comment on everything that needs an explanation so that there is nothing clueless about what was done.

I do not work in a secret hole so that no other developer could take over. In case we part ways, or if you need someone else to assist on your web project, they can easily come in and read what I have working on your website. You also get to keep your code. It is your website; no reason for me to hog it!

About Christina M. Gleason

Developer who has been playing with websites since I was a preteen, it started with some tables and CSS creating a website about fairies (true story). Since then, I got a BS in Computer Science and went to work on PHP-based websites and applications. I spent some time in custom frameworks, then a lot of time in custom WordPress development and Magento e-commerce. Industries I've worked in include logistics, healthcare, retirement communities, legal, spiritual, and HVAC.

I am an active knitter, and I also really enjoy scrapbooking and painting. Creativity has always been at my core, and I bring that into my daily workflow all the time. Lifting and working out are also important to me. I'm also married, have two daughters, and two rescue dogs Barlow and Sunshine.