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Barlow is focused on quality design, content, and backend work.

There are many different web shops out there offering to shoot your website to the top. Here at Barlow, we focus on bringing top notch content, design, and web development to your website. What will this do? Naturally, Google will recognize these factors and see that your website is not a spam-field of flashy keywords or links. Over time, your website will see the results you are looking for.

We can also push your content with targeted ad management, either through Google or social media.

Get your product seen by your targeted audience – see what Barlow can do for you

About Christina M. Gleason

Christina GleasonDeveloper who has been playing with websites since I was a preteen, it started with some tables and CSS creating a website about fairies (true story). Since then, I got a BS in Computer Science, and went to work on PHP-based websites and applications. I spent some time in custom frameworks, then a lot of time in custom WordPress development and Magento e-commerce. Industries I've worked in include logistics, healthcare, retirement communities, legal, spiritual, and HVAC.

I am an active knitter, and I also really enjoy scrapbooking and painting. Creativity has always been at my core, and I bring that into my daily workflow all the time. Lifting and working out is also important to me. I'm also married, have two daughters, and two rescue dogs Barlow and Sunshine.

Find me on: Ravelry | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | GitHub