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WordPress might not be your favorite CMS to deal with, but the truth of the matter is that a huge percentage of people use it daily. A significant chunk of our current online environment today is built using some flavor of it. Because of that, it's a necessary evil to contend with. If you are like me and like to reduce the amount of bloat WordPress provides on a clean install, you will probably enjoy the articles in this category about how to reduce, reduce, reduce its core and some popular plugins so it hums for you.

You do not have to deal with WordPress bloat if you do not want to. Plus, you get the benefit of a quick and easy CMS setup that everyone seems to be comfortable using nowadays. Keep the stuff people like, and tear out the stuff that's just unnecessary for 90% of the users taking advantage of the "5 minute install" of this CMS.

Modifying ACF to Allow Use of the "Read More" Tag in WordPress

After struggling with finding a straight answer from the plugin author's own documents and several Google searches later, I was stuck. Eventually, I figured out how to handle what seems like a straightforward issue (that shouldn't be an issue). I wanted to add "read more" functionality for ACF's WYSIWYG editor field. I wanted to use […]

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