Knit and Crochet Blue Booties

I had so much making these! Comfortable and soft, these booties were made with the following free pattern to try y hand at crochet. By the way, I'm terrible at crochet! I tried really hard, though. Crochet feels really unnatural to my hands that are so used to knitting, so I think it will take some time to get myself used to the motions.

Blue garter stitch bootiesBlue Knitted Garter Stitch Booties

I used some really beautiful yarn called Iced Bluebells in Worsted weight by Shalimar Yarns. It's super soft and squishy! The dark blue border was a generic dark blue yarn I had from WEBS, again in Worsted weight.

These were given to one of my providers at PHP. Daily, I've been working hard to get myself to a better place, and my husband/kids and friends have been so supportive to push me there. I think continuously focusing on small successes like finishing these booties will get me to that point.

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