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I Compared StitchFix, Wantable, Nadine West, and Dia.Co. Here's What's Great and What's Not.

How the Different Styled Subscription Clothing Boxes Compare

I was really interested in trying out the different styled boxes that different companies can send you. Being plus size, I thought my options would be limited, but there were actually a few different choices to pick from. I think they all have their positives and negatives, but hopefully reading through you can decide what works for you. I'll be rating them out of five, with five being the best.


  • StitchFix - 2
  • Wantable - 3
  • NadineWest - 4
  • Dia.Co - 2

All the totals I will provide include the 20-25% buy all discount they provided if you bought the whole box (or with Wantable, at least 5 items). NadineWest had the most inexpensive box with the one I received having a $108 total. Wantable was the next most reasonable at $178. It's still a significant difference between the two. StitchFix was close to Wantable at $189, and Dia.Co was the most expensive, coming out to $240.


  • StitchFix - 3
  • Wantable - 4
  • NadineWest - 2
  • Dia.Co - 5

I thought Wantable and Dia.Co got my style down on their first try really well with Dia.Co edging Wantable out because I ended up keeping the full box. StitchFix was OK - not great, but not bad either. I liked about half of the box. NadineWest was completely off; I told them nothing tight and got a body con dress, as an example.


  • StitchFix - 2
  • Wantable - 3
  • NadineWest - 1
  • Dia.Co - 5

Every piece from Dia.Co was of fantastic quality. I was glad to see this seeing as they were the most expensive box as well. Wantable was up there as well, although a couple of the pieces felt a little worn already for being brand new. StitchFix and NadineWest left a lot to be desired. I felt like I could pick up the same clothes at a large discount clothing store, and with a personalized styling service, I wanted something a little higher quality.


  • StitchFix - 2.3
  • Wantable - 3.3
  • NadineWest - 2.3
  • Dia.Co - 4

Personally, I really cared about the style and quality of the clothes. If price is more of a concern, then something like StitchFix or NadineWest might be more appropriate. You get what you pay for though. If you're looking for something with somewhat reasonable pricing and not thousands of dollars, yet high quality, I would recommend Wantable or Dia.Co. I plan on keeping my subscriptions for those two, while cancelling StitchFix and NadineWest.

I hope this helps you decide on your own what box would work for you!

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