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Waffle Stitch Prayer Shawl

I finished a Waffle Stitch Prayer Shawl recently for my friend Pamela. We attend the same support group, and I had brought this project with me while we were there. She absolutely loved it. Seeing as that the shawl is meant for someone in need, I felt compelled to finish making it for her. I knew she would appreciate it.

Waffle Stitch Prayer Shawl

It's reversible, and one side is the waffle stitch and the other side (pictured) is a long tubular look. I like the "wrong" side look better, so that is what I focused my pictures on.

For the tassels, there are twelve on each side to represent the twelve apostles. There is a prayer that was included to think or say while making the shawl:

May this shawl be for you a sign of God’s loving, healing presence. May it warm when you are weary. May it surround you with encouragement when you are discouraged. May it assure you of God’s care and comfort when you and your loved ones are troubled. May it remind you that you are always safe in the arms of Jesus, and that you are surrounded by the prayers of others.

I refrained from using this prayer, mostly because it was so long and hard to remember. Instead I kept my friend in mind while I was making it, once I decided I would make it for her.

Detail closeup of the waffle stitch prayer shawl

The photo above showcases the tassels and the width of the shawl. A lot of people who saw me making this commented that it is more like a combination of a shawl and blanket. It is quite large. The shawl is very comfortable and warm though, so it is perfect for a cold wintery day or night.

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